We lose power, we lose our minds

Weather brings out the crazy in all of us. Whether is raining, foggy, snowing or icy, the weather changes us from being normal, functioning citizens.

Then, when we lose power, we just completely lose our minds. And we blame society for closing or not closing. We whine and complain. But let’s be realistic here and show some common sense. If you don’t feel safe, don’t risk it. 

The other thing that happens is that we go to social media outlets to blame, whine, complain and berate others over weather issues. Ain’t nothing good gonna come from that. (Say that out loud, please)

It’s kinda strange to me how people who don’t have power still find the opportunity to whine on social media over it. Calm down and get yourself to a shelter or hotel (if its a safe choice for you). It’s also a wonder to me how so many people are from up North and it’s like they forget all their Northern weather instincts when they move to South Carolina. The same happens when it rains here too.

Not only should we be safe, but we should be sane too. Ain’t nobody forcing you to do anything.

Don’t go to work if you can’t or won’t .

Don’t go to school if you can’t or won’t.

Just don’t!

We’d rather not see you on the roads especially if this weather is already making you upset and crazy.

Also, when we lose power, we immediately lose our minds. We don’t know how to function anymore, especially when our cell phones lose battery life or we can’t connect to the internet any longer. We are too connected to technology. It truly pains my heart to hear people complain about not having power for a few hours when there are 1,500 homeless people in Horry County. However, it’s understandable if you have been without power for several several hours and there are further complications and for that, I am truly sorry and this post doesn’t pertain to your particular situation.

Otherwise, please calm down. Buy yourself batteries and flashlights. Get some candles and matches too. Maybe a battery-powered radio to keep up with the news – yes, they still exist and here is a link to Amazon: battery-power radios. Then, buy edible non-perishable foods. And finally, stock up on blankets, gloves, hats and coats. Here are some other ideas from WBTW in regards to what you need. What you need if the power goes out

During this time, we also then to forget our neighborly compassion and kindness during times like this. We act all selfish and forget about others. I was so grateful when my neighbor offered to bring us soup when our power went out! Others have offered to help clean up each other’s yards too. We should also thank our energy providers for their relentless hours in trying to fix everyone’s power situations. Patience and gratefulness are key here! Just think, you may have save yourself a few bucks while your power was off.

Let’s stop acting crazy over weather conditions. Start acting with some sense and find your community spirit. Oh and by the way, it’s supposed to be in the 70s next week in Horry County, so break out those flip-flops and shorts!

the author

Originally from Virginia, Jennifer C. Sellers is passionate about sustainability and conservation in South Carolina and throughout the world. She earned her BA in English from Coastal Carolina University and her MAS in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver. She is a university sustainability coordinator that implements programs and teaches people about going green and being sustainable. Follow her on Twitter @MyGreenGlasses

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