For Christmas I received $50 cash, so my plan was to visit some second-hand stores and see how far I could go with it. I shall call it my “50 Dollar Quest” mini-series and it will span into multiple posts until my money has been spent. The first store was Treasures of the Heart in Conway, SC. 

Store #2: Recycled Rooster, Conway, SC

The Recycled Rooster at University Commons.

With $45 left from my Christmas money, I was ready for another store. In the last six months a new store opened near the college, appropriately named “The Recycled Rooster” – which may be a play on words for the college’s mascot, the Chanticleer.

This store is a breath of fresh air to the second-hand arena because it is truly disguised as a beautiful boutique. Don’t let the strip mall exterior fool you because once you enter, you will feel like you have entered a specialty shop in a major city. The wide selection is immense, but honestly, the owner limits its second-hand items to brand name fashion and what truly is still in style. The store offers immediate cash for those that bring in items, but be prepared because you may end up with a “No Thank You” if your bag of clothes don’t meet their style standards.

The front counter at the Recycled Rooster.

The store boosts a collection of designer and vintage clothing, having an especially large selection of denim, accessories, purses and shoes. The Recycled Rooster has the most shoes and denim I’ve ever seen – which I would consider the bread and butter of the store’s success. The shoe selection was displayed like a girl’s dream with a cozy chair and plush rug and they even saved space by limiting the shoe display to just one of the pairs. Basically it was an invitation to stay longer and browse more.

The shoe area at Recycled Rooster.

This is just one side of the denim rack at the Recycled Rooster.

But don’t get sticker shocked. Pricing seemed a bit less desirable compared to other thrift stores, with price tags ranging between $8 to $40, depending on the brand. This is not your average thrift store and you won’t find items for $2 (unless it was a sale). Mostly the jeans and designer purses were priced higher. However, the quality of the store and clothing makes it worth paying the extra few dollars. I found two pairs of high-end shoes for much cheaper than what I would pay on eBay. I bought a pair of teal-colored Converse for $9 (going for $20 or more on eBay) and a pair of brown Born clogs for $12 (going for $30 or more on eBay), both of these pairs were in very good, almost new condition.

Another striking feature for the Recycled Rooster is that the store is bagless, so if you buy an armload, you will have to carry out an armload, literally.

The teal colored Chuck Taylors (Converse)

In the end, I got a pair of Born shoes for $12, a pair of Converse for $9 and a free belt – it was buy two, get one free – for a total of $18. I now have $27 left in my quest.

If you go: Recycled Rooster, 102 Graduate Road, #108, Conway, SC University Commons across from HGTC and CCU – 843-347-0518 – Open: Mon-Sat 10-7pm, Sunday 1-5pm

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Originally from Virginia, Jennifer C. Sellers is passionate about sustainability and conservation in South Carolina and throughout the world. She earned her BA in English from Coastal Carolina University and her MAS in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver. She is a university sustainability coordinator that implements programs and teaches people about going green and being sustainable. Follow her on Twitter @MyGreenGlasses

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  1. NC-BFF on January 16, 2012

    That place looks cool, I wanna visit next time I’m there!

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