The inside of Moozie's Closet

The inside of Moozie's Closet

[UPDATE – Moozie’s Closet CLOSED February 17, 2012. The owners cited that they were starting a new chapter in their lives and we wish them all the best as Moozie’s Closet will be forever missed!]

In sharing my blog with new friends, I was invited to go shopping with one of my newest friends, Karen. The first stop was Twice As Nice Consignment, which I blogged about already. The second stop in our shopping day was Moozie’s Closet – a second-hand store in our area that I have always considered to be a gem. Moozie’s has been in the area longer than any Goodwill that I know and I believe it started the trend of second-hand boutique stores.

I tried to visit Moozie’s earlier in the year, but the visit was not to be written about because I had a distraction – my four-year-old daughter. I love her so much, but I don’t recommend bringing young children when you shop at second-hand stores. It’s hard to focus and anyone with children understands.

But this new visit was perfect! Just as I remember, Moozie’s Closet offers a young, hip atmosphere, which gives browsing a fun, exciting vibe. The racks are neatly organized by clothing type and size and pricing is easily found. Just from the racks, I could tell the owners are picky with their clothing selections, only wanting to offer the best second-hand fashion from name brands – Banana Republic, Guess, LOFT, Old Navy, etc. Accessories are scattered throughout the store, so I advise to look high and low for shoes and purses. Pricing is not bad, some brands are higher than others, but still affordable. The store was fairly well organized, except that the shoes were hard to reach and scattered throughout the store. Moozie’s has a fantastic formal dress collection, including a few wedding dresses.

The formal dress rack at Moozie's Closet

One of the best things about Moozie’s Closet are the people. You will always get a laugh or a story when you go there. We met the owner, Alicia and several of her staff, including Mr. Style Guy, who apparently had a facial expression for each item at the store you showed him. You know those looks, approval or disapproval. Anyway, while Karen was trying on clothes, this big lady abruptly came out of the closet (no, not like that, people). She was wearing the loudest zebra print dress I have ever seen, although I’ve never seen anything like it. She was moving around and adjusting the dress, which was tight on her curvy figure, and asked the entire store how it looked on her. Karen came out of her dressing room at that point and the Zebra Lady jumped her with fashion questions. “How does this look, now be honest, I’m going to this Christmas party tonight, what if I wore it down like this or shoes with heels…” I don’t remember when the questions/comments ended, but Karen was finally able to voice her opinion and without wanting to offend her. She said, “it looks okay” – a clear indication that she should try on some other options. So, Zebra Lady took the hint and started a major session in trying on more dresses, including some that were clearly too low-cut and others that were clearly wrong. Finally out of the massive dress rack, she found a black number with white pearls that looked great on her. She was ecstatic and even Mr. Style Guy approved, which sealed the deal.

Another thing to note, if you are looking for something specific but you can’t find it, just ask! A girl walked in looking for vintage clutches and Alicia found her a few in the back to choose from. She was thrilled! Talk about customer service.

Moozie’s Closet for myself and Karen proved to not only be an adventure, but a winning shopping visit. We each left with a few treasured items. Karen bought two sweaters and a little black dress for about $20 and I bought a pair of knee-high boots, pants, a bracelet and a sweater for about $30.

Moozie’s Closet is not only artistic and unique, but filled with personality and treats (literally, they served cookie, crackers and snack food when we went). Also, the day we went they were having a huge sale with 30%-75% off items.

If you go: Moozie’s Closet – 2701 North Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC – 843-626-3000 – Open: Tuesday-Friday, 10:00-5:30pm and Saturday, 10:00-5:00pm

Moozie's Closet


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  1. NC-BFF on December 29, 2011

    What was Mr Style Guy’s reaction to the zebra print? That I would’ve liked to have seen.

  2. Jennifer C. Sellers Author on December 29, 2011

    If I only could have taken a pic of that face, but it said, “Yucky yowzers!”

  3. karen on January 3, 2012

    Love Moozie’s! When can we go back?!

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