John Conlee was quoted as seeing the world through rose-colored glasses in his original 1978 country song. This expression means that if someone sees the world through rose-colored glasses, they think it is more pleasant than it really is. I wish more people would see life in this way.

In relation to this song, I felt that I see the world through green-colored glasses. I define this as seeing things with green or ecological potential.

Going green is a balance between your lifestyle and your environment. Not everyone lives in California or New York, has cute little recycling bins at their house and millions to renovate their house using upscale green products. No matter where you live, you have to find the balance that will work best for you and your time and budget. Otherwise, you won’t do it as a sustainable practice. Sometimes going green isn’t convenient, easy or cheap. But if you take small steps and find that balance, you can still be green!

I recommend the following small green steps first:

  • Recycle – contact your county to find out what is offered, remember not everyone offers curbside and you may have to carry your bottles and cardboard to a drop-off site. Part of going green and changing your lifestyle is making the effort! I didn’t say it was convenient!
  • Energy – switch your candescent light bulbs to CFLs, which may be more expensive to buy, but they last seven years and save money on your energy bill.
  • Plastic Bags – stop using them! Get the reusable grocery bags instead and bring them back when you buy groceries. Some stores even offer a discount! You can recycled your plastic bags at most grocery stores, such as Wal-Mart, Food Lion and Bi-Lo.
  • Organic Clothing – some of the clothing helps us go green, especially organic cotton. But your only choices are not the $175 pair of organic green jeans from Loomstate.  I’ve been to Wal-Mart and Target and found organic cotton t-shirts for under $10. Now that is my kind of deal!

Forget the trend and the hype on TV. Truly build going green into your every day lifestyle and make it work for you.

the author

Originally from Virginia, Jennifer C. Sellers is passionate about sustainability and conservation in South Carolina and throughout the world. She earned her BA in English from Coastal Carolina University and her MAS in Environmental Policy and Management from the University of Denver. She is a university sustainability coordinator that implements programs and teaches people about going green and being sustainable. Follow her on Twitter @MyGreenGlasses

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